There are thirty-three Romanesque churches in the Val d’Aran, one for each village in the valley. Of all these, there are five that experts consider most interesting. The first is in Vielha, Sant Miquèu, built in the thirteenth century when the Romanesque period began to use elements from the style that would follow, the Gothic period. The second church is located in Bossòst, Era Mair de Diu dera Purificacion, erected in the twelfth century at the height of the feudal lords’ dispute over control of region. Again in Bossòst, of course, are seven Romanesque oratories which the parishioners built to protect themselves against the plague. On the way to Port de la Bonaigua we pass near neighbouring towns with impressive Romanesque heritage: Arties, Salardú and Unha. The church of Santa Maria d’Arties is a Good of National Cultural Interest and features a spectacular scene of the Final Judgement. The last two churches on the route, Sant Andrèu de Salardú and Santa Eulària d’Unha, also stand out thanks to their murals.