Today, we will rise early to make our way to Vall de Boí, the gateway to Aigüestortes i Estany de Sant Maurici National Park. Glacial lakes, peaks around 3,000 metres tall, plant life including gentians and rhododendrons, green meadows, and spectacular wildlife such as bearded vultures, rock ptarmigans and grouse, wood grouse and chamois form part of the landscape in Catalonia’s only national park. This is a paradise for hikers, with routes appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness. We will climb as far as Planell d’Aigüestortes, in a 4×4 taxi from the town of Boí, to take an excursion to the photogenic Llebreta and Llong ponds. After the walk, we will take pictures in front of the spectacular Sant Esperit waterfall and take a taxi back to the valley, where we’ll recover with a delicious lunch of local meats, mushrooms and shepherd’s cheeses.