Since arriving at Terres de l’Ebre the river Ebre has kept us company; now it’s time to get in the water and travel a stretch of it in a kayak. The sound of the paddle and birdsong form the soundtrack to a quiet journey that takes us to the spectacular village of Miravet, with its houses and Templar castle hanging over the river. In addition to visiting the castle, we can also take part in a pottery workshop to explore its pottery tradition. After our boating trip, we set off for Priorat. Between the towns of Móra d’Ebre and Móra la Nova we make a short detour, barely ten minutes, to the Iberian settlement of Castellet de Banyoles, where you can see the meandering Ebre and the orchards of the Ribera d’Ebre. The view is especially beautiful during the trees flowering season. The explosion of colour begins in early February with the almond trees and extends to April with cherry and peach trees.