The afternoon will be reserved for the Romanese heritage of la Vall de Boí, which features on the UNESCO World Heritage list. A feudal family, the Erills, brought stonecutters to the valley, masters artisans and craftsmen who in a few decades erected eight churches and a chapel. In Taüll, official Charming Village, we find the quintessence of this Romanesque art, Sant Climent and Santa María, two churches consecrated in 1123, just one day apart. In Sant Climent, video mapping brings the frescoes of the greater apse and sanctuary to life. We stop at Erill la Vall to visit the Centre del Romànic de la Vall de Boí and the church of Santa Eulàlia, which, with its six-storey Lombard tower, is considered the most slender example in the valley. We continue our journey north to reach another of the great Pyrenean valleys: the Val d’Aran.