Our love affair with modernism will continue in Reus, one of Catalonia’s official Cities and Towns with Character and Gaudí’s hometown. Nonetheless, it is Lluís Domènech i Montaner to whom we owe the best buildings in the city, such as the Casa Rull, the Casa Gasull, the Casa Navàs and the Institut Pere Mata with its spectacular Pavilion 6, also known as the “Els  Distingits” Pavilion. The visit will end at the Gaudí Centre, an interpretive centre where we will learn how Gaudí organized spaces based on elements such as water, light and air. Many of these modernist buildings were erected thanks to the windfall brought in by the exports of vermouth. Reus has retained a great tradition of vermouth as an aperitif. At lunchtime, we will visit a former factory to sample and learn the history of this fermented beverage.