The next stop is Siurana, where we will hear a tale of Saracens, warriors and princesses as we walk through this small cliff-top town views of the eponymous wetlands. The village is surrounded by mountains of reddish limestone rock, featuring some of the world’s most famous rock-climbing routes. We will drive along the roads that cross the landscape of the Prades Mountains to Poblet, one of the three monasteries along the Cistercian Route, still inhabited by monks today. The monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most complete Cistercian abbeys in the world. A short drive from Poblet is Montblanc, where the town’s walled centre is well worth a visit, especially during the feast of Sant Jordi. The last stop of the day will be in Valls, a town of castells, huge human towers reaching ten stories high, and calçots, a variety of spring onions that gather family and friends around the table during the calçotades feasts between November and April.