The morning will begin in Girona to experience the highlights of its heritage, Catalonia’s best-preserved Jewish quarter, Arabic baths, colourful houses on the River Onyar and the Cathedral of Santa Maria, along with a guided tour of the city’s flavours: xuixo pastries, local cheeses and ice cream made by one of the Roca brothers. To get to Rupit, we’ll drive across the southern part of the Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park, an exceptional landscape featuring volcanoes, lava beds, dense forests and small towns offering lovely opportunities for rural tourism. Once we reach Rupit, after a lunch featuring dishes from the local mountain food so characteristic of Collsacabra, a hearty cuisine that never fails to include traditional Osona sausages and stews, we will hire a guide to tell the story of this town at the foot of a huge rock on which a castle once sat. The village is surrounded by forests and waterfalls where you’ll have the chance to relax in the heart of nature.