There are many options and activities for learning about the delta, boating on the river or sea, pedalling on quiet country roads or learning about rice cultivation. We choose to approach the wildlife of this unique natural space, which means we rise at dawn because we’ve planned an outing to watch birds in the Delta de l’Ebre, and they are much more active in the early hours of the day. With the help of binoculars and a telescope, given to us by our naturalist guide, we observe species such as the Western marsh harrier, the glossy ibis, the grebe, the little grebe and a flock of colourful flamingos. To better understand the delta and the fragility of this valuable natural space that has been declared a Biosphere Reserve —more than 300 bird species nest in or pass through it —we enter MonNatura Delta, an interpretive centre focused on its nature, traditional ways of life and resources.