We will leave Tarragona early to make our way to the Terres de l’Ebre. Our day begins with a visit to L’Ametlla de Mar, a town with some of the best and most varied coves on the coast of Catalonia and one of the official Marine Districts and Villages regions. At the port, which still retains the charm of an ancient seaside town, we will climb aboard a boat and put on wetsuits to swim with Mediterranean blue fin tuna, huge creatures weighing over two hundred kilograms. The activity ends with a tasting. Gastronomy is one of the main draws in Terres de l’Ebre. An excellent alternative to swimming with the tuna is to continue on to L’Ampolla to explore the Fangar Bay, an activity that includes a visit to the mussel farms where the prized oysters and mussels are grown. A fresh product that you can try right there with a glass of Cava.