The day starts with a hearty breakfast, featuring pa amb tomàquet, with olive oil from D.O.P Les Garrigues, cured meats and pears that come under the Lleida protected designation of origin, and a walk through La Seu Vella, a temple with a magnificent dome and an octagonal bell tower sixty metres high, offering a panoramic view of the city and the surrounding land. Along with the King’s Castle – La Suda, La Seu is part of a monumental complex that helps us understand the history of the city. This is a land of fields stretching all the way to the horizon, full of fruit orchards and vegetables that will end upin the recipes of many Lleidan dishes. On these fertile plains surrounding Lleida, official City and Town of Character, we visit the castell de Gardeny, which in the twelfth century housed the Templar soldiers based in this area. At the castle, there is the option to live the life of a Templar knight for a day.