The Cova Meravelles has a total length of 510 meters, with an incline of 9,82 meters. Its quantity and quality of
concretions make it stand out, especially the eccentrics. The slow dripping of seepage water rich with dissolved minerals creates fascinating formations, sometimes so bizarre that the visitor’s imagination discovers fantastic beings. Of the 510m, two hundred meters can be visited in the guided tour, which includes the Pencil room, the Amphitheatre room and the Music room. The Cova del Dos, which translates to Cave of the Two, got its name because it has two inlets. This cavity is important for its history, as it used to be inhabited. Inside, we can see a replica of an original bell-shaped vase and an amphora that were discovered in the cave. The original items, as well as other cave finds, are displayed in the Archaeological Museum of Barcelona and the Museum of the Terres de l’Ebre. There are references to the fact that during the Spanish Civil War the people of Benifallet sought refuge in the Cova del Dos. The cave is 235 meters long, with only 25 meters open to the public.