The route links Ripoll with Sant Joan de les Abadesses. The entire route is paved and flanked by vegetation. The total vertical rise is 160 metres, and there is a gentle 1% incline. This section of the track starts at km 9, right in front of the old train station at Sant Joan de les Abadesses. Some 300 metres past the station, the track crosses the road to Ogassa and begins to rise gradually along the valley of the Malatosca, a tributary of the Ter River that rises from the Cavallera range. The track crosses a long-distance (GR) hiking trail some 500 metres from the station, and then crosses the highway again just beyond the GR trail. The route is placid and runs without problem to a point some 2 km before Sant Joan, at the Toralles loading station, where the coal from the mining railway of Ogassa was received. The section of greenway running from Toralles to Ogassa is an ascent section. Ogassa (975 m) is located 4 km from Sant Joan de les Abadesses and 13 km from Ripoll.